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Todays topic is torrents. There are hundreds of torrent sites on the web, and today I’ll be shrinking that list to give you the best of the best as always.

My Favourites:

Mininova :

Demonoid (registrations are closed, but always check back, cause they open sometimes and this is the best torrent site on the net) :

The Pirate Bay :

Torrentz :

Torrent Reactor :

Private Trackers I’ve tried:

HD-Bits :

Private Torrent :

Movie Torrents :

TV-Vault (sign-ups are closing soon, so hurry!) :

So, thats my best-of-the-best list for today. Oh and BTW, anyone who wants to get private tracker invites, go to this site:

Register in it, and you’ll get free torrent invites!

I hope you liked this list. If you have any questions, e-mail me or just leave a comment.



September 28, 2008 - Posted by | Sites

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